Electronic devices get more complex every year, still they have to be intuitive in use and therefore present a great challenge to interface design. On the other hand their aesthetics have to be attractive and make a statement about their function and usability.


G Buster

The G Buster portable soundsystem offers four multiband speakers and a bass tube. The device can be easily carried as a backpack. The retractable remote control serves programming purposes, but can also be used to play video games or to watch movies. Via a wireless connection the internal harddrive can be filled with music and mediafiles. Also CD and DVD disks are supported. The G Buster takes fun back to the streets.



The PodPal features a soft foam body into which a hidden soundtube, containing an amplifier, speakers and a battery are inserted. The speakers are protected by foam domes in a color contrasting to the body. Connectors for power and sound can be attached to the back of the PodPal. For controlling the volume and track selection the regular player features are used. A little Pal to share your favorite music with.


M Player

This mp3 player is characterized by its pleasant ergonomic form. The rubber interface guarantees safe use and is water resistant. The coarse display is used both for equalizer control, as well as for scrolling info messages. The included wireless headset offers a maximum freedom of movement.


Blackpearl Workstation

The Blackpearl Workstation is a complete desktop solution build into one flatscreen. A plain glass plate that fades to a subtle black glass frame characterizes the display. All connections are build into the front of the foot for easy access and use. The keyboard is also made from a single black glass plate. The whole styling aims for a desktop solution that blends decently into office environments with a high design standard.


Metal Detector

This metal detector for a cologne based electronics company uses a unique technology to search and locate metallic objects in the ground. The body of the casing is designed according to the inner functionality. Smooth surfaces and the edgy look create an expression of serious competence and easy usability for this product.


Timex Skinwatch

The Skinwatch is a conceptual design for the future of watch technology. A nano manufactured "display skin" can be applied to any surface, e.g. your clothes or your skin. When activated it serves as information surface, as well as a piece of attire. Communication, entertainment, organization, navigation are all integrated into one intuitive device, that becomes your second skin. Of course it also shows the time ;)



The Toastmaster features a chrome body with two wooden covers, that create an intense, haptic experience for this kitchen appliance. Instead of the technical expression of usual toasters this one creates a warm pleasant feeling both for the hand and the eyes. The interface includes a led display that shows the remaining roasting time.


Canon Snap

Due to its small size and ring form, this miniature snapshot camera can be always with you. Against the trend of putting more and more functions into electronic devices, the idea for this camera was to make it as simple and easy to use as possible.The most important point for a snapshot camera is of course that you have it active the right moment. Therefore the whole electronic is put into a flexible gelring that can be easily worn on the index finger. In combination with the easy to use one button interface quick accessibility and fun taking snapshots is guarantied.

This camera concept was developed as contribution to the Designtope Design Awards 2006. Canon Snap, always active.



This SOS column for NS stations expresses its emergency function through its flash like form as well as through its bright red, backlit front face.


Mobile Phone

This Mobile Phone is completely display controlled. The touchscreen changes its interface depending on the selected function and has therefore a very comfortable usability. The big, lit Button is used as accept button and adds a traditional touch to the smooth design. The two tone body also features an integrated three megapixel camera.



This Streetlight designed for Tokyo street use is a symbiosis of tradition and hightech. The wooden base creates a smooth treelike impression. The translucent cap brings, beside the functional lighting also a soft glowing atmosphere to the streets. The rhythm of those lit poles creates a unique identity for three Tokyo districts at day and night time.


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