The implementation of brand values into architecture and interior spaces forms a strong marketing tool that can generate positive experiences emotionally linked to the brand.

On the basis of an in depth analysis of the positioning and values of our customers´ brand we create exciting spaces that catch the intended target groups´ attention and communicate the brand and its values in a tangible way.


Private and commercial spaces need to be designed with the greatest concern, since they form our daily surroundings and nowadays have become our natural environment.

Set between architecture and design, interior design plays an important role, directly concerning our standard of living.


Product Design

Atomare creates concepts and styling for a wide range of products.


Furniture as ergonomic support of the human body has to be well balanced between aesthtics and function.


The conception of accessory objects has a great impact on our personal lifes.


Electronic devices have to be intuitive in use and clearly communicate their functions and usability.


Vehicles express speed and the joy of movement through their styling.